Sitting Comfortably manufactures ergonomic saddle stools for correct seating and posture. Recommended by Chiropractors, Osteopaths & Physiotherapists to releive back pain, assist posture & reduce musculoskeletal disorders.

Correct seated posture is given by the unique saddle shaped stool. The saddle seat is ideal for any seated therapist, dentist, physician, veterinary surgeon, hairdresser, lab technician, draftsman or artist. The Sitting Comfortably range of posture stools are ergonomically designed with a variety of models to suit various disciplines and help prevent back pain, poor posture & musculoskeletal disorders.

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making good posture effortless

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or does the chair you work on leave your back aching?


 made in the UK


The Ergonomic Saddle Seat is a unique stool design that corrects posture and gives maximum support

to relieve and prevent back pain and musculoskeletal disorders...

saddle posture stools for bad backs

reduces lower back pain

relieves posture problems

alleviates neck and shoulder pain and related headaches

promotes good arm-hand control

reduces work related upper limb disorders such as pain & aching in wrists, arms and shoulders associated with regional musculoskeletal disorder (R-MSD), cumulative trauma disorder (CTD), and repetitive stress injury (RSI)

decreases pain and fatigue associated with muscular tension

improves blood circulation and digestion

enhances muscle tone & strengthens abdominal muscles



Use your back correctly and have complete mobility wherever you are sitting, at home or at work....

  * offices * PC Computer * home office *  hospitals & clinics * hairdressing & beauty * dentistry * veterinary * draughting * laboratory work*  hobbies & arts


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Prices and configurations are subject to change without notice or obligation. We take special care to show correct specifications, sizes and weights and such descriptions, whilst given as a guide in good faith, are subject to modification as part of our on-going product development programme. sell on a 'Business to Business' basis and deal with individuals working in partnerships or as sole traders, public, private and voluntary sector organisations. The equipment is specifically designed for expert use by professionals and it is a condition of sale that the purchaser is such a professional practitioner or an organisation. This includes students on professionally recognised courses completing the practical treatment phases of their training.

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